"This is an amazing service provided by Sean. It's about time that practitioners, students, and regulators in the legal industry got accurate and helpful information about the technologies that will drive the profession forward!"
Sehej Arora
Law Graduate, Ontario
"The course is well organized, concise, and helpful. I have learned a great deal of strategies to set up a cost-efficient ergonomic office to increase productivity and comfort . . . I only wish I would have learned these sooner."
Xiaopeng (Leo) Yuan
Lawyer, British Columbia
"Sean Dillman is a tech wiz and an excellent communicator . . . Sean is innovative, hardworking, and a true trailblazer. His background in information technology places him at a competitive advantage and he has been able to develop his legal practice by employing the right technology in the right places."
Andrew Buckley
Lawyer, British Columbia
"Before the course, I had not given much thought to the mouse I use, despite using one everyday. This course provides simple, practical changes to implement, which improve the every-day experience of those of us who spend many of our workdays behind screens."
Anne Cochrane
Lawyer, British Columbia
"I've seen a lot of different CPD courses. This one is outstanding. Lawyers need to know this stuff. Nice work Sean."
Rob Dul
Lawyer, British Columbia
"Fantastic course! It provides practical advice that everyone can benefit from knowing."
S. Declan Midwood
Lawyer, British Columbia
"I wish that I had a course like this when I started learning how to use computers in legal practice . . . Because he is a fellow lawyer, he understands what lawyers need and want to know, and provides tailored solutions."
David Ibbetson
Lawyer (Non-Practicing), British Columbia
"As a bright lawyer with a lot of experience in the IT field, Sean is uniquely qualified to bridge a gap between technology and legal practice that is a challenge for many lawyers."
Carter Greschner
Lawyer, Alberta
"Sean was very helpful in assisting me to organize my practice in preparation for retirement . . . It is not difficult to see how this and the other uses of technology and procedures Sean can teach you, could make daily practice and its administration easier, less time consuming and more profitable."
R. Bruce Buckler
Retired Lawyer, British Columbia